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Inflation’s Impact on 2023 Open Enrollment

Many employees are currently feeling financially strained because of inflation. With open enrollment fast approaching, inflation could impact the choices employees make when it comes to their benefits. Employees are likely considering which benefits matter the most and how to optimize the money the…Continued

A Deteriorating Outlook

Written for Bolton by Zack Fritz, Economic Advisor to BoltonThere were hopes that inflation peaked in July, but those hopes were dashed by an August Consumer Price Index report that came in significantly hotter than expected. Despite energy prices falling 5% in August, overall inflation inched 0.1%…Continued

Instilling Culture through Performance Management

The promise of performance management is that an organization can define the type and level of performance it needs to achieve its mission and, through effective integration and application of the programmatic elements, can build a workforce that is in step with the organization and delivers the pe…Continued

Plan Sponsors Want, and Need, to Know What's Under the Hood

To keep a ride running smoothly, avoid costly repairs and ensure it gets you to where you want to be, every good mechanic needs to understand what is going on under the hood. It is no different for public school districts and other government entities that offer 403(b) and 457(b) plans. In 2018, wh…Continued

Our Incredibly Confusing Economy

Written for Bolton by Anirban Basu, Economic Advisor to BoltonFor a time, debate regarding whether or not America had succumbed to recession was raging. On July 28th, the Bureau of Economic Analysis revealed in an initial estimate that real U.S. gross domestic product declined 0.9% on an annualized…Continued