Bolton partners with nonprofit organizations across the country to deliver the support, services, and expertise they need to be able to focus on what's most important to them - their mission. Your employees and members have dedicated their time and efforts to make an impact and we believe it's our responsibility to help your organization deliver an employee benefits and investment strategy that rewards their commitment, is aligned with your mission, and positions your organization for long-term success and lasting impact.

Who We Serve

  • Professional/Trade Associations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Higher Education
  • Religious/Civic Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Social Advocacy Organizations
  • MEWAs (Multi Employer Welfare Arrangement)

Services - How We Help

  • 401k/403b and Investment Consulting
  • Plan Benchmarking and Performance Monitoring
  • Self-Funding Studies
  • Plan Administration and Self-Service Technology

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