Webinar: Road to Recovery: Beyond COVID 19

By Melissa Greeson August 28th, 2020

Bolton’s employee benefit experts, Ellen Kleinstuber, FSA, EA, FCA, MAAA, FSPA, Alton Fryer, AIF, and Kandi Metz, CEBS, CLU, RHU, REBC are joined by Bolton COO, James Downing, as moderator and discuss the following topics.

  • Retirement: Risk modeling and mitigation as well as approaches to managing future uncertainty
  • Health: Using data analytics to identify the impact of delayed health care and post-pandemic population needs in order to prevent new chronic claims
  • Investment: The disconnect between the economy and the stock market and what that means for institutional investors.

Upcoming Webinar:

11/12/20 - Looking Forward: How to Setup Safeguards for the Future