Bolton Labor News: Edition No. 7: February 2024

By Bolton February 6th, 2024

J&J Accused of Mismanaging Its Employee's Drug Benefits

Only a few months ago, the November edition of Bolton Labor News published an article titled "Litigation Coming to Health Plans?" Since that time, the first lawsuit from a health plan member has been filed. Like the transformation witnessed in the Retirement industry more than a decade ago, the healthcare sector might be on the brink of significant upheaval. For further details, please refer to the Wall Street Journal article from February 5th, which includes an excerpt from the front page of the filed lawsuit.

Legal battles, settlements, and compliance adjustments are all part of the process of reform. The Department of Labor has suggested that health plans sincerely striving to manage their fiduciary liability should not become targets of litigation. In order to maneuver through this uncertain terrain, health plans should promptly embrace fiduciary best practices. It is crucial to document adherence to the requirements outlined in ERISA, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA), Transparency in Coverage regulations, and other pertinent laws and regulations.

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