Bolton Investment's 5th Annual Fiduciary Webinar to Keep You Out of Fiduciary Jail

By Bolton March 19th, 2024

In this video, Andy Larson and Mike Beczkowski, share proven strategies to reduce your fiduciary risk. In the investment world, Andy and Mike are known as experts who look around corners, see down the road, and know how to keep their clients out of fiduciary jail. Whether you are a novice plan administrator or an experienced committee member, this webinar is for you!

You will learn how to:

  1. Build a successful fiduciary governance strategy to avoid fiduciary litigation
  2. Find the hidden fees that will deplete your employee retirement nest egg
  3. Create a successful communication campaign to boost participation
  4. Discover if your vendor's cyber security protection program is really safe for your employees
  5. Take protective steps now in anticipation for potential SECURE 3.0 Act provisions

NOTE: Congress enacted the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) to help protect the benefits of workers who participate in retirement plans of private-sector employers. ERISA entrusts the care of these benefits and the proper operation of retirement plans to “fiduciaries” of the plans, such as the business owners who sponsor them. ERISA requires plan fiduciaries to act solely in the interest of plan participants and beneficiaries, with the exclusive purpose of protecting retirement benefits and defraying reasonable expenses of administering plans. Fiduciaries who fail can face penalties and personal liability for plan losses.